Being an independent school, and specifically a small, tight-knit, community school allows us to fulfill the safety protocols provided by the CDC and AAP.  Just as important, St. B's mission is best fulfilled by providing for the social/emotional well-being of our students, which is best accomplished by our return to school plan.  




Families will have the option for On-Campus Blended Learning or Hybrid Remote Learning for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  No matter what learning option you choose, your student will participate in:

Whole Group

Small Group

Independent Work

Technology Improvements for 2020-2021









Google Classroom

Cameras in Every Classroom

August Training

for Students and Parents

We ask families to make an 8-week commitment to their learning option. We cannot offer a trial period due to the tremendous amount of planning that goes into offering both On-Campus Blended Learning and Hybrid Remote Learning.  

On-Campus Learning is a combination of offline and online instruction where students interact with the teacher, the material, and other students through both a physical classroom and an online platform. The result is an interactive environment that provides a cohesive learning experience across two mediums. 
  • Students will be on campus daily for live instruction in the classroom. 

  • Daily instruction will be blended (books/pencil/paper/iPad/Chromebook) to ensure the most innovative and robust activities.

  • Morning carpool is 7:40-8:10. The school day is 8:15-3:15. Students will not be seated all day long - the school day will function very similarly to how it always has functioned with additional focus on physical distancing and hand washing.  We can assure you that your student will still laugh, run, jump, and play while at school!

  • Socializing is key for mental health - it is not social distancing but physical distancing.

  • We will provide additional details about Passport options when we receive the survey results.

  • If your child gets sick, he/she will be given a code to join the hybrid remote learning cohort while they are out of the classroom (as long as they feel well enough to work while out). If they are too sick to join the remote cohort, that is also okay because they can catch up when they return to class. 

  • We will be provide a more detailed on-campus blended learning schedule for your grade level/classroom once teachers return for pre-planning the first week of August.

  • We will be scheduling an On-Campus Blended Learning webinar for your grade level in August that will include technology training.

In REMOTE LEARNING, online interactions replace much of the physical communication between students and instructors. This does not mean that remote students are merely watching an online lecture; rather, live classrooms incorporate interactive, virtual components.
  • Students will be AT HOME for all of their learning and will not come to campus.

  • All students will be assigned a homeroom teacher. 

  • Depending on the grade level of the student, there may be Zoom instruction by more than just the homeroom teacher for the core subjects (one teacher will teach math, one teacher will teach writing.

  • The student work day is still 8:15-3:15 but they WILL NOT be expected to be in front of the computer screen for that amount of time. You have more flexibility with schedule and necessary breaks in an at home environment.

  • The amount of screen time and Zoom sessions per day will vary based on the grade level of the student so that it is developmentally appropriate. There will also be books/paper/pencil activities. 

  • We will have a packet of books/workbooks that you will pick up before the first day of school.

  • Synchronous (live/Zoom) and Asynchronous (Seesaw/Google Classroom lessons & videos) instruction will be offered daily. Your student will meet in live Zoom sessions with teacher and peers several times per day.

  • We will provide a more detailed hybrid remote learning schedule for your student once teachers return for pre-planning the first week of August.

  • We will be scheduling a Hybrid Remote Learning webinar for your grade level in August that will include technology training.

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