General carpool information below.  See specific campus tabs to the left for carpool maps.

General Carpool Information   

Our carpool procedures have been created to maintain the safety and health of our students, their families, and our staff. Because your attention should be focused on the children, we do not allow cell phones to be used once carpool has begun.   Drivers picking up students must be alert and aware of the other students being led to vehicles during carpool to keep all students safe.  For this reason, we will not place a child into a car while a cell phone is being used.  If you arrive early for carpool, please turn off your engine while waiting for carpool to begin to minimize the air pollution.   


Please move with the flow of traffic, and do not pass other cars or block the driveway. Please pull up close to the car in front of you.  We work to avoid big gaps in the car line so that we can load and unload the children efficiently to keep the line moving. Even if  you see your child in a different area, please always move your car as far forward as possible and please stay in your car. The teachers will bring or release (depending on age of child) your child to your car once cars have stopped moving.   


If you plan to leave your car unattended, please park in a designated space, turn off the engine, remove the keys and lock all doors. Please do not leave your child unattended in a parked car.    


Carpool Behavior for Students & Parents   

To ensure safety during carpool, children should remain on the sidewalk or in the safety zone while waiting for their vehicle. They should not run or play. A classroom teacher will call for the child or children. Children should always enter cars on the driver’s side. Children should not cross the driveway to meet an approaching vehicle. During carpool and at all other times, please model safe behavior for your children.     


Please avoid conferring with teachers during carpool, as they are responsible for student safety at this time. Please call to schedule a time to talk with teachers if you have a need or concern. 


Morning Carpool   

In order to expedite the morning carpool process, please have your children ready for drop off.  


Monday - Friday morning carpool for K-8 begins at 7:50am each morning.  Carpool promptly ends at 8:10am.  If you arrive at school once the carpool line has been closed, please park and walk your child into the building.  You will need to sign your child in as tardy where they will receive a tardy slip to take to the homeroom teacher.


Preschool carpool begins at 8:30am and ends at 8:45am.


Afternoon Carpool   

Each family will be given two plastic hanger tags. We ask families to affix these facing outward on their rearview mirror. Additional hanger tags are available for purchase should a family require them for additional vehicles.  They are available to order for a charge of $6.00 each.  Please email Ami Mayo ( to order additional tags.   These tags greatly expedite the carpool process and should be used for every carpool.   


Monday - Thursday, Kindergarten carpool begins at 2:25pm, South Campus carpool (grades 4-8) begins 3:10pm, and Main Campus carpool (grades 1-3) begins at 3:15pm. 


Fridays only, carpool for both campuses and all grades K-8 begins at 2:25pm.


Monday - Friday, Preschool carpool begins at 12:45pm - 1:00pm.


Early Release days, Preschool carpool begins at 11am;  South and Main Campus carpool begin at 11:50am.


If someone comes to pick up a student without the proper hanger tag, they will be asked to park and provide proper identification in the St. Benedict’s Episcopal School office.  If the driver is not on the pick-up authorization for the student and parents are unreachable, the student will be sent to the Passport program and will NOT be released to the driver.    


Authorized Pick-Up and Early Check-Out  

If you would like to arrange a one-time pick up, such as an after-school play date, you must let the school know ahead of time.  You may send an email before 2:00pm to the following email  You may copy the homeroom teacher on the email, if you wish.  Please include the following information in the email:  the full name of the individual picking up the student, relationship to the student (if any), a description of their vehicle (if not an existing St. Benedict's School parent) and a number to reach a parent if there are any questions.


Early check-outs are NOT permitted for the last 15 minutes prior to normal dismissal times as referenced above.  If you pick up your child early from school, you must park your car in the parking lot, come inside the office, sign them out and the office staff will call to have your child brought to you.  Please do not park in the carpool lane.