Chapel is an important part of our shared life at St. Benedict's Episcopal School. The spiritual depth, insights, and diverse religious backgrounds of our students creates an engaging and vibrant worship space.

We value:
• gathering together as a community
• reflecting on what it means to be children of God
• living out our individual faith traditions in the world in service to others
• empowering our children to become the people God created them to be

We gather together to support one another, to strengthen and celebrate our community, and to learn about and reflect on how we can share the love of God beyond our school. This time is filled with prayer, song, laughter, reflection, and concern for others. Students and faculty alike attend chapel. There is always an open invitation for parents, relatives, and friends of every faith tradition to join us.

From week to week, the nature and themes of sermons and stories change, but in each and every chapel, our students learn that God loves them, no matter what, and that they are called to show God's love to the world. Building on scripture, prayer, liturgy, and Episcopal Church traditions, we seek to encourage our young people in their faith and life.

Students in third grade provide leadership for our Tuesday morning Chapel services, when K-3 students gather at 8:15.  Fourth through seventh graders are invited to lead our Thursday morning Chapel services for our Upper Elementary students.  These opportunities for leadership build confidence among our students, and gives them the chance to serve their community.

Chapel services for our Preschool students are held in the Nave on Wednesday mornings at 9:15. Occasionally Chapel services may be held on a different day of the week to celebrate holidays and important dates in the church and school calendar. Eucharist is celebrated several times throughout the year.