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At St. Benedict's Episcopal School, we plant the seeds for critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning.

The Importance of Preschool - 8th Grade

The Preschool through 8th grade is an intentional aspect of the mission of St. Benedict’s Episcopal School. Regardless of your child’s age when starting at St. B’s, this model affords an emphasis on building a student’s academic foundation. It provides an extension of our community, building a network of teachers, staff and administrators that provide continuity and familiarity as students move grade to grade. This model takes the goal of graduating a student prepared to enter high school and backload curriculum and skills each year that will build year to year. Our students enter high school with stronger social emotional skills and a firm appreciation and realization of their own individual needs. So, a student entering our school at 3 years old has the benefit of curriculum planning for not just the preschool years, but intentional preparation into elementary school and even further beyond into middle school.  


This model also provides much needed support to our middle school students. Middle school is such a challenging time for students, a time when students feel the most vulnerable and the most awkward and insecure. The Preschool through 8th grade model allows us to focus on these students at this most critical time giving them opportunities for leadership giving them the self-awareness to learn how they learn, the strengths and where they need support. This model also affords students grace in giving them a safe place to fail and a greater sense of belonging. Our students are seen, always watched and never fall through the cracks. Giving them this space and truly knowing our students allows us to give them time to mature and preserve their childlike joy, wonder and academic curiosity. 


By 8th grade, a student is known, and their aspirations and strengths are more clear. We have a very intentional outplacement program that walks hand in hand with our families and our 8th grade students to help find the high school program that most aligns with the values of their family. Whether a student chooses to continue in another independent school when the grades expand for high school, or whether they choose to pursue a public school choice (including the public magnet programs), we provide all the support necessary to navigate the search process. The process of applying to high school requires the active participation of students to work through the high school application process, which in turn transfers to the process of transitioning to find the best college fit.  


As a parent, I can attest to how valuable this process is for families, in spite of the fear and anxiety it brings. As my daughter was looking for a high school home, the schools I had applied to for kindergarten were the schools she felt the LEAST comfortable. And, as she prepared to apply to college, she felt completely comfortable and confident because of the experience of applying to high school.


At St. Benedict’s our model of a Preschool through 8th grade school allows us to graduate scholars who are confident, courageous, compassionate leaders, respectful of diversity and grounded in faith. Your children leave us prepared and confident to continue their educational journey.


Our Admissions Team is dedicated to providing support throughout the application process. Please contact us at for more information.

Anne Shamanski

Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions

Our Vision

St. Benedict’s Episcopal School develops confident, curious, compassionate, independent thinkers, respectful of diversity and grounded in faith.

Our Mission

St. Benedict’s Episcopal School embraces the values of Episcopal education to inspire learning and nurtures growth.

Our Values


We value a diverse, inclusive community where individuals are supported, accepted, and connected.


We value a generous, joyful community.



We value understanding and positive relationships.


We value the dignity of every human being.

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We value honesty, transparency, and fairness.

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