Tuition For 2017 - 2018

Pre-school 3 year olds/5 days per week - $7,620
Pre-Kindergarten - $8,100
Kindergarten through 3rd Grades - $11,520
4th Grades through 8th Grades - $11,630

Student Fees

Pre-school 3 year olds/5 days per week - $275
Pre-Kindergarten - $275
Kindergarten through 3rd Grade - $480
Fourth and Fifth Grades - $625
Sixth through Eighth Grades - $700

Additional Expenses

Middle School Students are required to purchase a ChromeBook for $250 in their Sixth Grade Year for use during their Sixth through Eighth grade years.  Existing students entering Seventh or Eighth grades for the 2017-2018 Academic Year may purchase their ChromeBook for $80 (Rising Eigth Graders) or $150 (Rising Seventh Graders.)  Uniforms are required for Kindergarten through eighth grade. Cost will vary by grade, and uniforms, outerwear and PE uniforms are available for purchase through Parker Uniforms. Used uniforms are available for purchase through our Parent Association before the start of school. 
School lunches are available through a catering service and cost will vary.
Alternatively, lunches may be brought from home.  

Tuition Schedule

February 24 - Deposit (20%) due for returning students.  
April 13 - Deposit due for new students. The remaining tuition balance may be paid in one of three ways (account fees and interest may apply):
  • One payment (due June 1)
  • Two payments (due June 1 and November 1)
  • Ten payments (beginning June 1 and ending March 1)

Financial Aid

St. Benedict's Episcopal School awards aid to families on the basis of financial need. The amount of financial aid is determined by the Financial Aid Committee of St. Benedict's Episcopal School and varies based on the funds available each year. Each family who receives a financial aid award should expect to pay some tuition, as there are no full tuition awards.

Financial Aid awards are a means of making St. Benedict's Episcopal School accessible to those children who, regardless of race, sexual orientation, color, creed or national origin, though meeting the requirements for admission, are not in a position to meet part of the expenses without financial assistance. 

The application for financial aid should be submitted with the application for admission to the school. Your financial aid application will only be considered after certain information has been submitted and is deemed complete.
Please contact Anne Shamanski, Assistant Head of School, at 678-279-4300 ext. 4312 if you have any questions.

To begin the Financial Aid Application process, you will need to log into FACTS, our online tuition billing system and financial aid portal.  On the first page you will be asked to sign in or to create an account.  If you are new to St. Benedict's, you need to create an account.  Once your account is completed, FACTS will display instructions along with a video to help you through the process.
As always, we are here to help so please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.  Please contact our Accounting Manager, Brook Garrett at 678-279-4300 x4310 if you have any questions or concerns.