Fall Clubs 2018-2019
Candace Posey

Chants, Cheers and Stunts: This club is designed to give students an edge in the highly competitive world of cheerleading. Our mission is to create and foster a positive school atmosphere and have fun doing it. Cheerleading teaches young athletes all the essential skills to lead the crowd and support the home team. Our cheer camp will ensure that each club member will learn cheers, proper hand and body movements as well as jumping techniques, stunts and dance. Each member will learn important life skills such as teambuilding, leadership and confidence.  Your child will learn partner stunting, partner building as well as dance choreography while also learning the tricks, tips and techniques to make them stand out. Each club member will practice skills to build self- confidence and promote school spirit. Your child will learn the basic strategies of cheerleading and more at Cheerleading & Pom Pom club.  This club will be an outlet for students to explore their creative side and enjoy the art of performing.