Summer Camps

Week 8: July 13 - 17

Super Science Adventures

We'll bring science into our classroom in a fun and unique way. A very hands-on STEM camp designed for little minds with big ideas!  

Instructor:        Preschool Infant - 2 Teachers

Rate:                 Half-Day (9:00am-1:00pm) - $225.00

                           Full-Day (8:00am-4:30pm) - $400.00
Grades:             Preschool 2

Space Camp

Come blast off with me in Space camp! We will discover planets, stars, and even ALIENS! If your child loves space and everything that goes with it this is the camp for them! We will learn about planets through arts and crafts and even a sweet treat or two. Each astronaut will leave our camp with the knowledge of space and some great keepsakes! 

Instructor:     Summer Camp Staff

Rate:               $195.00
Grades:          Preschool 3 - Rising K: 9:00am-1:00pm

Way2Play Movement Matters

Whether it's dancing, gymnastics, running or jumping we believe kids need to move. In Movement Matters campers will explore various ways to move their bodies through exploration and directions. Campers will be introduced to the basics of locomotor skills, movement patterns, parachute play, juggling and sports skills. Way2Play Movement Matters camp will put the "fun" in fundamentals giving campers the opportunity to learn and grow through exploration. All Way2Play camps are taught by certified physical education teachers. 

Instructors:     Way2Play Sports

Rate:                $180.00
Grades:           Preschool 3 - Rising K: 9:00am-1:00pm

Camp Creation

Come and let your imagination run wild during creation camp! We will explore the joys of artistic expression with abstract canvas painting, sand art, and clay molding. This week will be filled with fun and imagination! Come join us!

Instructors:     Summer Camp Staff

Rate:                $170.00
Grades:           Preschool 3 - Rising K: 9:00am-1:00pm

"COCINEROS Gourmet" / "Junior Chef Gourmet" (Spanish Cooking Camp)

This famous Spanish cooking camp is calling young kids for a week of delicious cooking, baking and learning recipes of your favorite foods! This hands-on camp will allow your child to discover that cooking can be quite creative and whole lot of fun! Children will learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and fancy desserts. They will also learn healthy nutrition, how to set the table, how to read a recipe, safety in the kitchen, basic knife skills, social etiquette, teamwork, meal planning, and SPANISH vocabulary for kitchen utensils, ingredients, table settings and cooking commands. We will visit a different country every day! This summer with more cooking crafts and NEW recipes! “Vamos a cocinar!” (let's cook!)
*Apron and Chef Hat will be provided*

Instructor:     Marta Lash 

Rate:              $235.00
Grades:         Rising 1st - 4th Grades: 9:00am-3:00pm

Movie Studio: Rock Star Music Video

Campers, as one large group, will create a music video for a song of choice. Taking an existing song, creating a video to go along
with the song, and sharing the final video with others.
Opportunities exist for all from having a part in the video or behind the camera as part of the crew. Campers will create a fun music video that they will premier at their red carpet movie premiere on the last day of camp! Campers will explore all aspects of music video creation and editing.

Instructors:     Idea Lab Kids

Rate:                $200.00
Grades:           Rising 1st - 4th Grades: 9:00am-3:00pm

LEGO® Engineering: Adventures in STEM + 

Around the World Engineering

Gear up for a full-day LEGO® camp packed with hands-on and minds-on STEM fun! Give your imagination a boost with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects such as Cities, Dinosaurs, and Garbage Trucks. For the second half of the day, tour the Swiss Alps by train, fly high above the Great Wall of China in your Hot Air Balloon, and take a ride on a gondola through the canals of Venice. Travel the world with various modes of transportation while learning STEM concepts through structural and mechanical projects.

Instructors:     Play-Well TEKnologies

Rate:                $225.00
Grades:           Rising 1st - 4th Grades: 9:00am-3:00pm

The Magic Experience

Join us for a week of fun as we transport our campers into the world of magic. Your child will enjoy the history of magic, learn and perform magic tricks of their own, and create props as they prepare for a magic show at the end of the week for family and friends.  Learning magic can help increase creativity, concentration, and confidence while working with a team.  As a bonus, our campers will experience a fun filled 45-minute magic show! This energizing show is sure to get your camper excited about the magic they can make. So bring yourself, your curiosity and your enthusiasm for MAGIC!

Instructors:     Summer Camp Staff

Rate:                $200.00
Grades:           Rising 1st - 4th Grades: 9:00am-3:00pm

                          Rising 5th - 8th Grades: 9:00am-3:00pm

Movie Studio: Editing and Special Effects

Student will get a fist look at the software that will be used to edit their movies, and the special effects that can be used to improve them. Students will then use foliography skills to create a film that they will alter using the film editing program. Students will create their own group movie by using the knowledge they have gained
over the course of the week. The movie will be jazzed with the use of the green screen technology and they will be able to add special effects to these movies.

Instructors:     Idea Lab Kids

Rate:                $200.00
Grades:           Rising 5th - 8th Grades: 9:00am-3:00pm

Chess Camp

Summer Chess at St. B is back by popular demand! Have fun, but also learn this summer. Chess2Children is bringing back our talented chess coaches who are also big kids at heart--exactly what your child needs for a week of summer camp -- FUN & LEARNING! Playing chess has proven to help students enhance their creativity, improve their power of concentration, develop and expand critical thinking skills, boost memory and retention, and achieve superior academic performance -- BUT DON'T TELL THEM THAT, they just love having fun! For over 12 years, we have been providing chess clubs in Smyrna, Mableton and Marietta, we have watched some of our younger children grow from Elementary to Middle to High School and continue to thrive in our camps!

Instructors:     Chess2Children/Coach Adnan, Coach Tarun

Rate:                $200.00
Grades:           Rising 5th - 8th Grades: 9:00am-3:00pm

Middle School Academic Camp for Boys 

Who's ready for an adventure outside the confines of your backyard?  Join us for this BOYS ONLY camp as we read The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon. We will read together, create, and complete activities associated with the novel. Students will also write a paper and review grammar to prepare for their middle school English class for the upcoming academic year. Come along as we join our male protagonists, Caleb, Bobby Gene and Styx.  What are these boys up to this summer?  Let's find out! This camp will also include keyboarding!


Amazon Link to The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon 

Instructor:      Ginny Parrino

Rate:               $250.00

Grades:           6th - 8th 9:00am-1:00pm





4th Grade Math!


Math can be fun!! In camp we will use engaging math activities to practice multiplication and division skills. Does your child struggle with multiplication facts? In camp, they will create a Multiplication Interactive Lap Book to help learn and practice their multiplication facts through 12's at home. Students will also make, practice, and take home a long division steps slider. We will travel to the solar system, so students will be enthused to complete their mission to increase their speed with math facts. And, how about fractions? Fractions can be difficult to learn, but with a Fractions Kite Art Project and a Fraction Number Puzzles Make & Take your child will better understand fractions. Join our camp today and learn to love math!Have fun learning to convert fractions into simplest form and find equivalent fractions by creating slime recipes!”

Instructor:       Carolyn Seymour

Price Rate:      $250.00

Grade:             4th 9:00am-1:00pm

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