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Providing Education During Our School Closure

Given that the number of COVID-19 cases and community spread is growing in our region, it is prudent that we move into full implementation of remote earning across all grades until April 14.   We are committed to providing your child an exceptional learning experience with all of the components of a great education: relationship, engagement, fun, and cultivation of curiosity.  Rest assured that our ongoing commitment is to keep you informed and connected, and to find creative ways to strengthen our sense of community even more.

Lesson Plans

Please note:  To maintain our student's privacy, Zoom meeting and some shared documents links have been disabled.


How can my child be successful at remote learning?

  • Good time management.  Every student needs to attend and participate like any other school day.

  • Effective communication. Students need to take responsibility for their learning more than ever in this format. They need to reach out to teachers if they have any questions.

  • Disciplined study habits. Students need to establish good habits right away, using the time given for each class to complete the work.

  • Self-motivation.  Remote learning is not for the unmotivated. If students are not motivated in this format it can be very difficult. Please monitor and support them!

  • Organization tools. Students should have a notebook and take time at the beginning of each day to write down the activities they need to complete for each class, when they might be meeting online, etc.  Remote learning requires attention to detail.

  • Technology and space. Students need a comfortable, routine space to work in each day, along with an iPad, laptop, or other computer and WiFi to access their course content. If you need help with technology or access, please reach out to Angela McKenzie or a teacher and they will get you to the right person.

How often will classes actually meet virtually?
We are encouraging teachers to have both synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, though classes will most often lean towards asynchronous given its predictability, stability, and flexibility. Teachers will notify students if they are meeting as a class, at what time, and on what platform (e.g., “Our class is meeting today at 11:00 on Zoom. I will send an invite out at that time.”).

How will we support students who start to struggle?
Teachers will reach out to the student, parents, counselors, learning specialists, or whoever would be most appropriate given the situation. You can also reach out to teachers if you have any questions or concerns. We know this will be an adjustment for many so we’ll do our best to monitor and support.

What about Chapel?
Delivering on all of our core values is critical during this time.  We are hosting chapel on Wednesdays at 9:15 am and Thursdays at 9:15 am on YouTube Live.