St. Benedict’s Episcopal Athletics Goal

The primary goals of our school athletic programs are to accentuate the development of the whole student and to achieve a personal level of excellence in the areas of fitness, team commitment and sportsmanship. 

Athletics is a significant tool in the educational process of character development and helps to encourage students to lead by example. All St Benedict’s athletes, parents, and coaches should understand the importance of the multiple-sport athlete to our program and should support, encourage and allow students to participate in one, two, or three seasons as they so choose. We encourage our young people to be aware of opportunities to participate in and take advantage of as many interscholastic athletic activities as possible.

Personal traits, including: commitment, discipline, team cooperation, individual leadership, sportsmanship and consideration of others are emphasized and are vital to the success of the St. Benedict’s athletic program.

2018-2019 Athletic Programs

Fall Sports

Boys Cross Country

Girls Cross Country

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball 

Girls Basketball


Boys and Girls Swimming

Spring Sports


Youth Passing League




Message from The Director of Athletics


The Director of Athletics is committed to the philosophy that student athletes are students first and foremost and that all student-athletes must exhibit behaviors that demonstrate a commitment to maximizing academic success as their first priority. 

Student athletes responsibility is to commit to the principles of self-discipline, collaborative effort and team building; being an ambassador for St. Benedict's Episcopal School.

Student athletes are visible representatives of St. Benedict’s Episcopal School both on campus and off-campus, whose behaviors are often closely scrutinized. Student athlete behavior affects perception of institutional ethos, athletics department standards, and the character of the student body.  Therefore, it is an expectation that student athletes will demonstrate consistent role model behavior, sportsmanship and self-control.  

Team unity and team chemistry are key variables for a positive and successful athletics experience.  Commitment to team goals is essential which, at times, may take precedence over individual goals.  Student athletes are expected to exhibit a level of selflessness that promotes team goals.  

It is essential that the foundation for student athletics be built to ensure that student athletes are able to have fun while working toward athletic goals, and pursuits before, during, and after the completion of a season. Athletics is year-round, and student athlete’s responsibilities are present year round.  

As the Director of Athletics my responsibility is to ensure that the athletic program continues to grow, has measured success, and represents St. Benedict’s Episcopal School and Church with the highest of values. The success of athletics will translate through student athlete’s work ethic; guaranteeing one is both physically and mentally prepared to compete now, and at the next level. 


Laura Olsen
Director of Athletics
St. Benedict’s Episcopal School