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Karate will provide a combination of LIVE sessions with Sensei Will along with a gallery of videos for your child to work on during the week! We welcome students of all ages to join us as we develop lifelong skills utilizing the art of Karate. Karate Kids emphasizes on the building of individual strengths, technical skills, and above all, character. Karate students will also work on improving balance and coordination along with speed and agility. If you are looking for something fun and exciting, Karate Kids is for you.



Tennis will provide a combination of LIVE sessions with Coach Paula and Coach Julianna along with tennis skill videos. Things you will need for this class: A tennis racket, minimum of 3 tennis balls, any other kind of ball you have (this could be a beach ball, soccer ball, volleyball, etc), 2 chairs, and a string or rope to be used as a net. It would be good to have 2 tennis rackets. Students will need someone to participate in the class with them (this could be a parent or a sibling, or someone else), please be in a location where you are able to hit the tennis ball.




We will be using the Zoom platform to work on jumping, landing, throwing and catching. You won't need too much for the class but if you have a jump rope and ball that would be a great start. Some substitutions for the jump rope can be a long rope or string or even sidewalk chalk for outside use or tape.  As for a ball, any kid friendly    type would work, even a pair of tightly rolled up socks.


Homework Helpers

Ms. Taylor and Ms. Kissack will be immediately available to you by computer from 3:30-4:30 each Tuesday, for students to come with questions about the weekly work, and of course for us to help! Our help could be in the form of an email, making a video to explain a concept/answer a question, Zoom, or FaceTime - whatever platform you think you need for me to support your child through that concept. We will be checking and responding to emails every weekday, but on Tuesdays during this time, we will be available immediately to help you out. If this time does not work for you, reach out to us individually, and we are sure we can work something out.




A unique after school program that combines music, drama, dance, and play! Through work on vocals, choreography, improvisation exercises, and more, performers build an ensemble show. Now more than ever, it’s important for your child to have normalcy and routine. We want them to remain active, use their imaginations/minds, and still interact socially with their peers. This is exactly what we’ll be providing you with during this period of time. Jitterbug will be brought to you via a live platform, zoom, weekly.


PlayWell TEKnologies with LEGO®

Join us for demonstrations of LEGO techniques, learn about LEGO pieces, and explore your imagination! Please have any available LEGO® materials nearby for your child to build with. While we understand not everyone will have access to the same materials, we will be sure to keep our lessons as open-ended as possible to accommodate everyone's varied LEGO® collections. This club will be brought to you via a live platform, zoom, weekly.




We are excited to keep your children entertained with our chess program, virtually. Chess2Children plans to keep our Thursday schedule. We will be using the Zoom platform to allow the children to dial in (via phone, iPad or computer) and see their classmates and teacher live! I have been working with our teachers on using the system, sharing screen, showing tactics, puzzles, games, etc.


Animal Lovers

We will focus on learning about a new animal every week! I will link a recorded video weekly. In the video I will teach your child about the different types of habitats that animals live in and incorporate the animal into the lesson, and I will demonstrate how to create a craft on their favorite animal that they learned about. Your child can choose to make a simple diorama like I've demonstrated in a video or they can choose to make a collage or simply draw a picture. It's all about what resources you guys have access to and what kind of time you have. Choose your own adventure! Your child can access the video any time and should attempt their craft before our live session Thursday at 2:30, so that they can share their work during the live meeting.



Ms. Marta will be cooking LIVE and explaining in Spanish the steps of the recipe, as we do during club time. Chefs are welcome to join our club time and interact with me and their friends! Each Monday I will send you our weekly recipe on a Recipe Card.   Parents, please, you do not need to buy any ingredients. Our LIVE club is interactive and I will be the one doing the cooking. IF you want your child to try cooking this recipe at home would be great! The ingredients are easy to find at home on a regular basis. Please do not risk yourselves going to the store. I will record a video of myself "cooking" at my house. I will be giving my chefs the instructions in Spanish as I do during my club. (The Recipe Card will have the instructions in English.) On Thursday, the day of our club, I will send you the video. My chefs have Thursday, Friday, and the whole weekend to do it at home. You can send me pictures of their " final product" or of them "in action". I will make a cute pic collage as I usually do. I will also send an activity for them to print and have colored pencils or crayons ready for an activity together. Join us for cooking fun!



Little Mindful Yogis will do a combination of pre-recorded and LIVE Zoom videos. Little Mindful Yogis children learn yoga in a fun and playful way. Yoga is taught through a variety of fun and engaging ways using music, games, and meditation. Through basic and challenging yoga poses and partner poses children will gain strength, flexibility, and coordination. They will learn valuable lessons and promote confidence and mindfulness.





Way2Cheer is a combination of pre-recorded and LIVE Zoom videos. Way2Cheer virtual club has online tutorials specifically created for both age groups. Each week I will upload printable documents for at-home target skill activities as well as videos for cheers, mini dance combinations, and tumbling drills. This class focuses on providing cheerleaders, dancers, and gymnasts with the skills necessary to become good tumblers. The program is fun, educational, and maintains focus on proper technique as students develop strength, flexibility, and skills on all apparatuses.

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