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Curious, confident, and ready to excel

That is the goal for all of our students. We achieve this through a deep commitment to individualized attention and knowing and caring for every child. We also focus on how children learn, not just what they learn. All St. Benedict’s teachers undergo ongoing professional development, including being trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach. Your child has so many gifts. We will help her/him grow into them.


Academic Excellence



Infant - Pre-K

At St. Benedict’s, we understand that there is no greater decision that you will make than who will care for your child. Our Infant to Age 2 Preschool Program is an extension of the home and we ensure caring, loving teachers who are highly knowledgeable in child development. Our teachers nurture relationships with children and partner with parents to form a bond of familiarity and trust. We provide a loving and developmentally appropriate learning environment. 

Lower School


Kindergarten - 5th Grade

In Lower School, we are committed to knowing, understanding, and celebrating every child. We understand the importance of providing an inclusive, nurturing, learning environment during the most formative time in a child’s life, specializing in the academic, social, and emotional needs of children. Our responsive classrooms set a positive tone for learning, create opportunities for autonomy, and engage students in building relationships essential for growing a community of joyful learners.

Middle School


6th - 8th Grade

Middle School is a time of spectacular growth and change. At St. Benedict’s, we design our Middle School around the characteristics and needs of our students. Our faculty respect adolescents’ emerging identities and changing interests, and they work as a team to support our students as they navigate new experiences. We guide our students to make good choices, take on more responsibility, persevere, and embrace their journey. 

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