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Strategic Plan

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Goal 1:  Students

Prepare students for acceptance into the high school of their choice while encouraging lifelong learning, passion for discovery, respect for differences, deepening of faith, and an embrace of individual excellence.


  1. Student Experience: Ensure that students feel supported and that they understand how meeting expectations leads to success.

  2. Discipline and Behavior: Maintain a school culture that respects the dignity of every human being.

  3. Admissions: Assure a diverse student body in alignment with our academic standards.

Goal 2:  Academics

Inspire intellectual curiosity, allow for creative expression, and encourage students to explore learning without limits.


  1. Support students in achieving milestones tied to our unique academic standards.

  2. Set measurable objectives for all areas of the curriculum.

  3. Implement professional collaboration standards between and among the faculty and staff.

  4. Benchmark the long-term success of our students beyond graduation.

Goal 3:  Faculty & Staff

Inspire academic leaders to nurture growth and learning in every child, every day.


  1. Continue to retain faculty and staff.

  2. Provide high impact professional development for faculty and staff.

  3. Continue an attractive compensation program including salaries and benefits.

  4. Maintain a culture that fosters the school’s values.

Goal 4:  Financial Stability

Establish long-term financial stability through skilled management, sound investment of resources, and successful fundraising while maintaining high standards of academic excellence.

  1. Maintain financial stability while driving innovation.

  2. Create an internal quantitative and qualitative dashboard to track key school measures.

  3. Raise contributions to support the current and future needs of the school.

  4. Assess and support tuition assistance programs.

Goal 5:  Facilities

Maintain a campus that supports academic innovation, invites collaboration, and fully accommodates our values.

  1. Create a campus master plan that includes a clear timeline to begin campus expansion and building process.

  2. Ensure that the campus master plan maximizes the effectiveness of existing facilities.

Goal 6:  Governance

Embrace the highest standards of governance, led by a diverse group of trustees who are invested in the success of our students, live our values, establish strategic direction, and exercise exemplary stewardship.

  1. Activate trustees to focus time, talent, knowledge and financial resources on supporting the mission of the school.

  2. Implement strategic plan 2018-2023.

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