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Your gift makes a difference for Every Child Every Day.

1s & 2s:   72%

PK3:    62%
PK:      62%
K:    86%
1:    86%
2:    87%
3:    71%
4:    68%
5:    71%
6:    57%
7:    83%
8:    100

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2023-2024 Acorn Committee

  • Natalie and Michael Covington o Ashley and Matt Dailey

  • Stephanie and Adrian Eaddy

  • Heather and John Green

  • Alex and Ryan Judge

  • Erica and Matt Murphy

  • Melanie and Richard Peace

  • Meg and Blake Quigley

  • Eve and Robert Scott

  • Christina and Ben Wilson, Chairs

Contact Us

Stephanie Alvarez

Director of Development


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* Donors giving at The Leadership Society level are invited to an

intimate Acorn celebration

A Special Thank You
To Our Sponsors

At all independent schools, tuition does not cover every operating expenses. This is certainly the case at St. B’s.  As a result, the school depends on the generosity of our community to help close the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each student.  Parent, board, faculty and staff participation directly influences the opportunities to receive grants and major gifts from donors. When foundations and donors see that our community give to The Acorn Fund, they are more apt to support St. B’s. 

Your tax-deductible gift impacts every aspect of a St. B’s education – our academic, arts, and Spanish programs; our technology offerings; our extracurricular opportunities; our campus and facilities; and professional development for our faculty.

Your gift makes a difference for Every Child Every Day.

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