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Tuition and Additional Expenses

Preschool 1s

3 Year Old


4th Grade

6th & 7th Grade

2 Year Old


1st - 3rd Grade

5th Grade

8th Grade

Contact Us

Anne Shamanski

Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions


Kirsten Perdue

Director of Enrollment Management


Ami Mayo

Assistant Director of Admissions


Tuition Insurance

We are pleased that St. Benedict’s tuition remains significantly below both the mean and median for Episcopal schools in the Southeast as well as independent schools in the surrounding area.  Additionally, as an added benefit in these uncertain times, we have partnered with a third party-vendor (A.W.G Dewar Insurance) to establish tuition insurance for our families.  You can find the brochure on Tuition Insurance on the parent resource page in RenWeb.

Additional Expenses

Middle School Students are required to purchase a Chromebook from St. Benedict's for $350 in their 4th Grade Year for use through 8th Grade years.  New students entering 5th Grade or above for the 2022-2023 Academic Year will also be required to purchase a Chromebook from St. Benedict's. 

Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade should purchase an iPad Mini 5 in order to run the latest version of ios 14. If you purchased one last year you may use it this year.  Please be sure all iPads have a durable and protective case before sending to school. Students do not need a keyboard or stylus.  The iPad mini is recommended for smaller hands and the smaller screen helps reduce the risk of breakage.


Uniforms are required for Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Cost will vary by grade, and uniforms, outerwear and PE uniforms are available for purchase through Lands End. Used uniforms are available for purchase through our Parent Association in the used uniform store


School lunches are available through Chef Advantage and costs will vary.


Alternatively, lunches may be brought from home. 

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