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Growing World Changers by Lending A "Helping Hand"

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Middle School Students in the Helping Hands Club at St. Benedict's Episcopal School collected 572 pantry items to support the local community.

Students in the club researched local community organizations that needed support and ultimately selected First Baptist Church of Mableton's Food Pantry to raise donations and awareness of the large population in need within South Cobb County.

Throughout the 6-week project, students created posters, gave presentations in homerooms, and collected food from students, families, staff, and friends. One of the top priorities was collecting foods with a nutritious value that may not traditionally be easy to access for those in need.

Middle School Dean of Students and Helping Hands Club moderator Krystal Matichak coordinated the group's efforts. "I am so incredibly proud of their efforts," said Matichak. "They used their resources and voices to serve the greater good. This is what school is all about, and my heart is full from the humble work our hands supported. Thank you to all who donated."

Helping Hands is a Middle School community outreach club for 6-8th grade students that meets weekly during the school day. The club started about three years ago by a group of 8th graders that wanted to help serve the community.

First Baptist Church of Mableton welcomes all people in need to share the pantry's bounty.



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