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St. B's Students Participate in Honor Code Ceremony

This week, St. Benedict's Episcopal School students in 4th-8th Grade participated in a special Honor Code ceremony during their weekly Chapel service. Each student pledged to do their part to live up to the values established by St. Benedict's Honor Code:

I am a child of God created in God's image. Therefore, I am respectful to others and myself. I am responsible for my actions, words, and work.

I pledge to do all that I can to respect the dignity of every human being, respect nature, and honor God in every person I meet.

As a St. Benedict's student, I will conduct myself with personal and academic integrity. I pledge to respect others, put forth effort, and do my best work. May God help me on this journey.

The Students, lead by Father Otero, recited the code in unison, then proceeded to add their signatures to the Honor Code document. We are so proud of our students and the commitment they have made to uphold these values.



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