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St. Benedict’s Episcopal School Receives $1 Million in Grants for Outdoor Innovation Lab and Creation of an Endowed Fund for STEAM Innovation

Updated: May 9

St. Benedict’s Episcopal School is thrilled to announce that we have received a $500,000 grant to support the creation of an Outdoor Innovation Lab, as well as an additional grant of $500,000 to establish an Endowed Fund for STEAM Innovation. The Outdoor Innovation Lab, located on our newly purchased property, will provide a space where students and educators converge to explore, experiment, and learn together. 

Upon hearing the news our Head of School, Brian Sullivan, admitted that he cried as the flood of emotions hit him. He shared, “We are so excited. The impact of this tremendous generosity is going to catapult our mission to continue helping our children for years to come. It's an answer to a lot of prayers and positive energy.”

St. Benedict’s Outdoor Innovation Lab will significantly enhance student engagement and learning and will foster enhanced academic achievement. By immersing themselves in interactive, cross-disciplinary projects within the Lab, students will tangibly apply STEAM principles; this will support students’ grasp of interwoven subjects. The impact of the Outdoor Innovation Lab is projected to be profound over the next 5 to 10 years. In its inaugural five years, the grant will serve over 650 students and 300 summer camp participants annually and provide immediate access to transformative educational opportunities.

From a community perspective, the Outdoor Innovation Lab will serve as a focal point for STEAM awareness and community engagement. It will stimulate community-driven innovation and educational advancement, establishing a positive feedback loop between the school, its students, educators, and the community at large. Importantly, the Lab will cater to the needs of our students, after-school participants, and Summer Camp attendees.

This news of support from The Goizueta Foundation follows St. Benedict’s recent announcement of the expansion of its existing campus through the acquisition of 4.2 acres of contiguous land, which will serve as a new middle school campus. The expansion supports the school's unique “Preschool - 8th Grade” educational model and will provide space for collaborative learning environments and co-curricular activities such as music, art, and drama. For more information about the expansion of the school’s campus and supporting the future of St. Benedict’s Episcopal School, visit


About St. Benedict's Episcopal School's (STBS)

Founded in 2009, St. Benedict's Episcopal School (STBS) is an independent school of choice in Smyrna, Georgia, for families of children in preschool starting at one-year-old through eighth grade. The school's primary focuses are inspiring learning, nurturing growth, and embracing the values of Episcopal education. St. Benedict's Episcopal School encourages creativity and inquiry-based learning in a caring and nurturing environment. As an institution, STBS is deeply committed to ensure its community reflects the diversity of Smyrna, Georgia, and the surrounding area. STBS is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). For continuous news and updates, follow STBS on social media @STBSInsta or visit us online at



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