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Planting Seeds Podcast Releases Episode 2 Featuring Katie and Brian Axe

In Episode 2 of our podcast, "Planting Seeds: Cultivating Critical Thinking, Creativity, Community, and Lifelong Learning," we delve into the essence of St. Benedict's Episcopal School's unique educational approach. Join us as Katie Axe, our STEAM teacher, and her husband, Brian Axe, share insights on community building and preparing students for the dynamic job market.

Community Building: The Heart of St. Benedict's

At St. Benedict's, we cherish our strong sense of community, fostering connections and ensuring everyone feels valued and supported.

Thinking Beyond Boundaries

In today's fast-changing world, this interview highlights the importance of thinking outside the box. Our curriculum encourages creativity and critical thinking, equipping students to excel in an ever-evolving job market.

Preparing for Tomorrow's Challenges

Our commitment to lifelong learning means education continues after graduation. St. Benedict's prepares students for the future by nurturing their ability to innovate and adapt.

Discover our educational philosophy by listening to Episode 2 of "Planting Seeds." Visit to explore the future of education at St. Benedict's Episcopal School. Join us on the path to nurturing critical thinking, creativity, community, and lifelong learning – the foundations of success in the 21st century.



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