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Planting Seeds Podcast: Episode 7 Featuring The Rev. Wendy Porter Cade

We're diving into the heart of St. Benedict's Episcopal School with the esteemed Chaplain, The Rev. Wendy Porter Cade. Get ready for an inspiring journey filled with spirituality, warmth, and meaningful insights.

In this episode, we explore the multifaceted world of Wendy, a true rock star not only in the spiritual domain but also as a guiding force in education and interfaith dialogue. As the spiritual guide at St. Benedict's, Wendy brings a unique blend of spirituality and warmth, deeply committed to nurturing the minds and hearts of the school's students.

Wendy's journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith and education, making her an integral part of what makes St. Benedict's so special. Her commitment extends beyond the spiritual realm, encompassing the values of diversity and inclusion that define the school's community.

Discover the unique approach to faith that St. Benedict's embraces and the heartwarming stories that make this Episcopal School stand out. From Wendy's personal journey to the school's commitment to diversity and inclusion, this episode is a celebration of the values that form the foundation of St. Benedict's community.

Ready to be inspired? Tune in to the 'Planting Seeds' podcast to catch the full conversation with The Rev. Wendy Porter Cade. Click here to listen now! We invite you to share your thoughts! Connect with us on social media using #STBSGROWS and share your favorite moments.



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